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J & J Electronics Newsletter 1/21/05
Author: Eric Williamson January/18/06

J & J Electronics

is lauching a new service with all of the businesses in mind. Preventive Maintenance Agreements and a block of hours Maintenance Agreement. Preventative maintenace has very flexible options by allowing repairs as well as monthly checkups to prevent costly downtime. The other option is purchasing a block of repair hours at a fixed rate. When you need them the hours are there to be used how you see fit.Can you really afford to to go without this service? Contact Gregg and Sean today to get the protection you need.


has launched the most amazing feature yet with MobiTV. This service for the low cost of 15.99 and no minute cost allows you to watch TV, movies, and music videos on your phone. This is a great service that will only get better as time goes on. When more movies, television channels, and special programming is directed towards this technology. When you think of the cost of a newspaper subscription with only one point of view versus the MobiTV where you can get ABC, Fox, Bloomberg, and many others the choice is clear. Contact Kym, Mitch, and Eric today to get connected.

News Flash!

Choice One is giving away phone and data service for 100 days by just signing up for new service by February 28, 2006. Even after the 100 days are over can anyone match the savings. Extremely low rate per voice line unlimited local and long distance and add the data package for package deals also availible. Over 30% averaged savings from competitors on the same package. Can you really afford not to get a quote today? Contact John and Jerry right now!

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